Experience Zizkov

Rebel among Prague's districts

At the end of the 19th century Žižkov was one of the largest Czech cities. It joined Prague only in 1922, which many local residents resented. Currently, it lies within the territory of Prague 3 and is bordered by Vinohradská Street, Jiřího z Poděbrad Square, the foot of Vítkov Hill and Jarov.

Žižkov is known for its diverse range of small pubs, where you could sit with legends of czech culture.

Gastronomic paradise

In addition to classic Žižkov pubs, you will also find modern cafes and restaurants with the world's most popular cuisines. Are you in a mood for Asian, Mexican or perhaps one of the European cuisines? You will definitely find it. And if your dream restaurant is not located in Žižkov, you can use the pedestrian tunnel not far from the hotel, through which you can easily walk to Karlín district filled with vibrant restaurants and bars.

A place you won't find anywhere else

Žižkov has something from Montmartre in Paris and something from the working-class neighborhood it once was. All this together creates unrepeatable genius loci. Žižkov is simply a little different from other Prague districts, and we think it's beautiful.